Michele Mehl

Michele Mehl

Founder & CEO of Excy

“We might be small startups compared to giant companies, but we have big hearts and want to inspire entrepreneurs to always give back. We’re tired of cancer bringing down our families, friends, co-workers, and communities. We collectively have more impact when we fight together.”

Mina Yoo

Mina Yoo

Founder & CEO of Heroclip

“We have created jobs, brought the world products that people can’t live without, and are excited to come together with this powerful community of strong women to fight cancer. We hope other founders all over the world join this effort to show that companies, big and small, that we are stronger together to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.”

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Excy marries the power of low impact cardio with resistance training and on-demand coaching to meet the fitness needs of those looking to stay healthy while battling injury, disease, or disability. #exerciseismedicine



Some of life’s greatest adventures require lugging a lot of stuff. Heroclip is the extra hand that holds it so you don’t have to. Whatever, wherever, whenever. Opens up to a hook and folds into a clip so you can take it everywhere.